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At the beginning of March while many Pinterest users started repining our photos and following our account I thought to myself that this might be a great method to promote Lingerose.com. Not only directly from Pinterest. I checked google and typed “Lingerose”. In first 10 results there were all Lingerose’s account of most important social media (facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin and Pinterest). At that moment I realized that Pinterest may have huge impact on SERP in Google and might be a great tool from SEO’s point of view.

Ceteris Paribus – “with other things the same”

This was the most important and common term of all scientific theories and researches at University of Economics where I studied. When we want to verify any thesis or check if something simply works we need to remember that all other things should be equal or held constant.

So to see if and what impact Pinterest has on Google I knew I have to create kind of isolation from other sources that may affect our SERP in Google and be focused only on Pinterest actions.

Happily for purposes of this research there wasn’t so far any SEO actions done for Lingerose.com domain. Except friendly URLs and the fact that domain was registered in 2009. No link building or other SEO methods that could have an impact on SERP. All social media activities done before March of 2013 didn’t affect Google. For the most important search query “lingerie wholesale” Lingerose.com were out of first 20 pages of results (200 results).

As you may notice above there is a huge chance that information and results I’m gonna gather might reflect real correlation between Pinterest and Google.

How I do this research

I’ve divided this blog into two parts – categories:

1. Pinterest’s impact on Google and SEO – I analyze here how my Pinterest activities affect Google search results for specific keywords. I’ve chosen most useful keywords for SEO’s purposes of lingerie wholesale company. You can select terms associated with type of products (e.g. bras, lingerie, panties etc.) or brands (e.g. Axami, Kinga, Obsessive etc.) that we offer in Lingerose. Then you may check how our website Lingerose.com and our Pinterest account and its parts are indexed by Google search engine for each keywords. Finally you may compare how Google results have been changed throughout the entire research.

2. Pinterest’s search engine – this is the second part of this blog. I try to find out most important factors for Pinterest search engine itself. I check how Pinterest indexes pins and boards for specific keywords. I also look for any correlation between Pinterest and Google search results.

In all published posts I tried to find out which actions taken and strategy could cause particular modification of SERP.

Methods I’m using

All photos are added and repined manually. No automatic tools, no cheating. Just me, Lingerose.com, Pinterest and hard work. Because it is all about pinning.

Read before you comment 

I’ve created this blog to shed some light on  possible impact that Pinterest as a social media channel may have on Google and SEO. I’ll do my best to answer if it is right or not.

However I’m not doing this research for myself only. I want to share all information and publish my documentation. So if you are an expert in the field of SEO, social media etc. and you have any suggestion and advices or you would like to contribute this research – do not hesitate – you are very welcome.

If you notice that I do something wrong or my methodology is not right – please inform me. There might be factors that I haven’t taken into consideration because I wasn’t even aware they exist.


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